Simply Yoga
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Family at Simply Yoga

There is nothing sweeter than sharing yoga with your whole family.  Whether you are sharing in a Family Yoga Hour, or practicing across the hall from your child during one of our concurrent kids and adults classes, Simply Yoga offers many options for you and your children as they grow.

In addition to our classes our instructors have visited local spaces like The Urban Chalkboard, Athleta Keystone, Ivivva in Carmel, Farmer’s Markets, and events like Rock the Cradle to share kids and family yoga.

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A Foundation for Wellness

Children are natural yogis. From birth, they listen to their bodies, self-regulate food intake, and generally do what feels good.  Establishing a mindfulness practice in children at an early age has positive benefits on their growth and development, and even later successes as an adult.

Yoga can help children return to the wisdom they were born with; increasing positive body awareness, self esteem, curiosity, confidence, and focus; letting their inner lights shine bright.  To learn more, visit our New & Events Page to find articles about the benefits of yoga for kids.

We are honored to invite you and your family to be a part of ours.