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Adult Class Descriptions

With two studios, we have something for everyone.

Read through our FAQ’s if you are new to the practice of yoga.  See you on the mat.

Baby & Me Yoga (Babies ages 6 weeks – crawling) Bring your baby to your mat!  You will receive a nurturing, strengthening practice designed specifically for your postnatal body.  This class is wonderful for moms who are feeling well at 6 weeks postpartum.

Gentle  For beginners and everyone interested in beginning a yoga practice.  Includes basic breathing practices as well as a variety of postures to increase balance, flexibility, and overall wellness. This class is gentle enough for students of all ages and abilities.

Gentle/Moderate  Appropriate for all levels. A step up from gentle yoga.

Moderate  For those who wish to challenge themselves as they grow their practice. This class includes a flowing sequence and focuses on breath work, balance, strength and flexibility.

Moderate/Vigorous  For those looking for a challenging, sweat-inducing flow.  This class may include arm balances, inversions, and requires more physical strength than a moderate class.  Designed to help you turn off the chatter in your mind and strengthen your body through breath and movement.

PiYo  Inspired by Pilates and yoga, PiYo cranks up the pace and the fun for a pulse-pounding, calorie-crushing workout that defines every inch of your body. It’s low- impact, yet high-intensity. No weights. No jumps. Just hardcore results.

Prenatal  For the prenatal mother, yoga is an opportunity to find balance, strength and confidence as the gift of life grows within. Through the prenatal practice, mothers will nurture their mind, body and spirit, as well as their baby.

Pound An hour cardio workout that is fun for ages 10yrs. and older. Music is a big part of the class, as students use drum stick to release their inner rock star.

Power Hour Yoga A fast paced hour of Moderate to Vigorous yoga. Targets core and all over body strength. Feel rejuvenated, refreshed, and ready to face the day.

Yin Yoga  Yin Yoga is appropriate for all ages. The class is long held seated or lying poses that target connective tissues, such as ligaments and tendons, while working on breathing techniques to deepen the pose. Yin yoga provides active busy lives the stillness needed for physical, emotional, and spiritual balance.

Yoga 101  A three week series, designed to teach the fundamentals of yoga. Investment is $36.

Community Donation Yoga  Just the right class for the end of a hard week! This all-levels class will help you restore, relax and re-energize for the weekend. $5 minimum donation or “stretch” your wallet and give more.  Money collected goes to the current charity.

Tots (Ages 18 mos – 4)   In this class caregivers will help tots move, breathe, and play through yoga.  It’s a bit of yoga, a bit dance party, and sing-a-long all in one!

Kids (Ages 4-8)    Yoga for kids can help build confidence, body awareness, and a focus on the breath as a tool for centering. A kids class typically features stories, partner dynamics, animal sounds and laughter.

“Awesome studio and instructors!  I leave the studio feeling like I got a workout for the body and soul.” – Whitney